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October 29 2017

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Me: “How can I help you today, ma'am?”

Client: “Is e-mail internet”?

Me: “I beg your pardon?”

Client: “Is e-mail on the internet? I have no internet, can I still read my e-mail?”

Me: “Well yes, you must be able to get online to view your e-mail.”

Client: “Oh, dear. I can’t see my e-mail.”

Me: “Well, let’s see. Can you open up Internet Explorer for me and tell me what you see?”

Client: “Open what?”

Me: “Your browser, can you open up your browser?”

Client: “My…my…?”

Me: “What you click on when you want to browse the internet?”

Client: “I don’t use anything, I just turn my computer on, and it’s there.”

Me: “Okay. Do you see the little blue ‘e’ icon on your desktop?”

Client: “You mean I have to start writing letters again?”

Me: “I’m…what, I’m sorry?”

Client: “I don’t have any pens at my desk. I just want my e-mail again.”

Me: “No, ma'am, your desktop, on your computer screen. Can you click on the little blue ‘e’ on your computer screen for me?”

Client: “Oh, this is too much work. I’m too upset. Just send me my e-mail. Can’t you send me my e-mail?”

Me: “We…okay, ma'am. Can you tell me what color the lights are on your router right now?”

Client: “My what?”

Me: “The little box with green or possibly a couple of red lights on it right now - it’s most likely near your computer?”

Client: “Lights and boxes, boxes and lights, just get my e-mail for me.

Me: “My test is showing that you should be able to get online right now. Can you tell me what you’re seeing on your computer screen?”

Client: “It’s been the same thing for the last two hours.”

Me: “An error message?”

Client: “No, just stars. It’s black and moving stars.”

Me: “…Do you see your mouse next to your keyboard?”

Client: “Yes.”

Me: “Move it for me.”

Client: “Move it?”

Me: “Yes. Move it.”

Client: “My e-mail!”

This post gave me a fucking ulcer.

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best kept secret???

Keep reading

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Внебрачный сын пчелы и тигра…

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For the culture


what is art? is it something gay people do to get back at their fathers? maybe

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My cousin, ashamed after building a chair from IKEA.

Oh god I feel terrible for cackling at this.

Help every time I stop laughing I just look at that fucked up chair again. 

It looks like something out of an M.C. Escher piece

Ngl but the chair looks like it’s got its legs up for dick

It’s gonna SIT on that dick




When your friends start bringing up middle school memories of you:


Nah son, crucio that shit, they know the weight of that time


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This is Simba again. He got a new basket for all of his toys to go in. He’s very pleased.

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This is Julia, she like to talk and eat grass. It’s hard to tell here, but she’s a very pretty girl!

October 27 2017

October 25 2017

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NASA Astronauts on Third and Final Spacewalk in October Series via NASA http://ift.tt/2zFnj8q

October 24 2017

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Remembering Astronaut Paul Weitz via NASA http://ift.tt/2z2GxbS

October 23 2017

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The Grace of Saturn via NASA http://ift.tt/2xglHRL

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