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so here’s a quick story

to help with decision making when going on a date, my bf and i created a list of 20 restaurants we like. 1 being ihop (as a joke, neither of us actually like ihop), 20 being our favorite steakhouse, with the rest in no particular order. we roll a d20 and go to the corresponding place

after i wrote the list down, he goes “roll it, let’s go to dinner tomorrow night!” i got excited, he got a die out, and i fucking CRIT FAILED and now we’re FORCED to go to ihop tomorrow because both of us are too stubborn to back out omg

im currently on the phone with him and im saying “what time you wanna go” and he’s all “to ihop? what time are we going to ihop?” omg he just keeps saying ihop to emphasize how dumb we are

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